Cookery Class in Mauritius

Think of Mauritius and palm trees, sandy white beaches and crystal clear water all pop into mind. Yep to all of the above, but the food….THE FOOD. For a teeny island the influences and styles are quite phenomenal, ranging from Creole, French, Indian and Chinese. And boy, did I eat. A word of warning however, if you ask for chilli sauce you will get the chilliest chilli sauce in the whole of chillidom.

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Asian Bloody Mary


I love drinking Bloody Mary’s (minus the Worcestershire Sauce), especially on lazy Sunday mornings. But how about this for a little twist on the original…an Asian Bloody Mary. Simply swap the Worcestershire Sauce and Tabasco for Sriracha and wasabi paste, and that’s it! Serve as an aperitif before an oriental/asian inspired dinner party.