Having grown up with people around me constantly cooking and feeding, it’s little surprise that I eventually turned into my older sisters, mother, cousins, aunts; announcing ‘chalo khava’ – ‘come eat’, at every given opportunity, regardless of if you have already eaten or indeed live on the other side of the world.

Once upon a time, I learnt to cook chapatis, precariously standing over a hob on a chair when I was probably five. I don’t think that’s allowed nowadays. Still, this tradition continued well into my adulthood (minus the chair), until I graduated with the roll, flip, eat repeat t-shirt.

My cooking is vegetarian, and often vegan too. I can go from elaborate dinner parties to a Birds Eye potato waffle for supper – I can be a little all or nothing occasionally.

I started Petit Veg three years ago, as a place to share ideas and recipes that celebrate vegetables and seasonal dishes.

So I say to you dear Reader, chalo khava.



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